A journey begins

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My father, a mathematician, writes a series of questions for a senior year mathematics exam about an intrepid adventurer called Tasmania Jones who often finds trouble during his international escapades. Invariably, the only way to save him from certain death is to solve an applied mathematics problem. Once I confessed to my high school classmates that my father was responsible for these questions, frequently the bane of exam takers, we both gained widespread notoriety. It could be said that applying mathematical analysis to real-world problems is in my blood.

After enjoying a career as a mechanical engineer in a demanding and fast-paced sales environment, I finally decided it was time to move on. I don’t feel that I’ve abandoned or wasted that experience though. Selling industrial engineered equipment exposed me to an enormous variety of industries, from power plants to petroleum refineries to the hidden worlds above and below high-rise buildings. This gave me an opportunity that few others have had: to see and understand the amazing places and people that allow us to live the lives we lead. Apart from the eye-opening exposure to these mysterious places, my career continued to make significant use of my quantitative abilities while honing my presentation and communication skills, giving me confidence in how I handle myself in business settings.

I am now taking my first steps on my new path to becoming a data scientist. A couple of weeks ago I began the MS Analytics program at the University of San Francisco. Leveraging my quantitative abilities and businesses savvy with the amazing MSAN curriculum, I’m thrilled at the chance to contribute to the development of a new and growing industry, and I hope with this blog to describe my journey down that road. This post marks the beginning of that journey.

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